The Annual International Conference of the Asia-Pacific Quality Network (APQN) “Capacity Building for Next Generation Quality Assurance in Higher Education” was held in Nagpur on March 22-25, 2018. The papers are grouped under three categories: Excellence in Quality Assurance, New Assessment Methodologies in Higher Education and Internal Quality Assurance in HEIs and are open for review and discussion by any reader, depending on his/her background and interests.

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Table of Contents

From the editor's deskdownload

I. Excellence in Quality Assurance

Jianxin Zhang, Xinna Zhangdownload

Capacity building of APQN’s QA Cooperation

Manuel T. Corpus, Maria Glenda O. De Laradownload

Capability building best practices, and what else went wrong

Nora Skaburskienėdownload

Challenges for quality assurance in the European higher education area

Sam C. K. HOdownload

Capacity building of peer reviewers

Sid Nairdownload

Capacity building: the changing landscape of higher education – a need to change?

II. Internal Quality Assurance in HEIs

Burghate D.K., Deshkar D.Wdownload

Higher education in India: issues and concerns

Deepthi C. Bandaradownload

An insight into the conduct of successful program reviews – the Sri Lankan experience

Dewi Irawatydownload

Indonesia accreditation agency for higher education in health (IAAHEH) support of the interprofessional clinical practice

Fabrizio Trifirodownload

The quality assurance of transnational education: a UK perspective

Galina Motova, Oksana Matveevadownload

The development of institutional and professional accreditation in Russia

Jagannath Patidownload

Paradigm shift in Indian higher education accreditation

Li Yaogang, Chen Jiani, Zhang Lingfeidownload

Quality assurance of postgraduate education based on the third party sampling inspection of theses in Shanghai

Sun Ying, Li Yandownload

The utilization of information technology in higher education quality assurance in China

Ye-Jin Ohdownload

Quality assurance of higher education institutions in Korea

III. New Assessment Methodologies in Higher Education

Jasmina Havranek, Vesna Dodikovic-Jurkovic, Emita Blagdandownload

Agency for science and higher education internal QA system

Junping Qiu, Jing Tian, Xilu Dongdownload

World-class universities and disciplines evaluation: Methods and results based on the evaluation practice of Chinese Academy of Science and education evaluation

Malini Nairdownload

Higher education institutions (HEIs) realizing its educational goals

Vera Silaeva, Aleksandra Zvezdova, Arkady Vladimirtsev, Irina Dolgikhdownload

Independent assessment of qualifications as an element of the national system for external education quality assurance